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Software Developer

Trifoia (IRIS Educational Media), Intern

2021 — Present

Develop clear and documented features for custom front-end and back-end libraries using technologies in the designated stack for the architecture of new and existing web applications while collaborating with team members on quality assurance, unit testing, and debugging. Contributed to a remote team-environment by regularly communicating with and presenting deliverables to the direct supervisor on-time or ahead of schedule.

Created an API using API Gateway and Lambda to retrieve a list of SCORM packages from an AWS S3 bucket by parsing XML manifest files and extracting the type, title, and path for each package.

Designed the new internal dashboard which displays a searchable paginated list of all records in the database and allows the creation and management of organizations, tokens, and reports with a custom API to AWS DynamoDB using Node.js, Koa-Router, and Vue.js.

  • HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Vue.js
  • Node.js, Koa-Router, Mocha Unit Tests
  • AWS: API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB
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Licensed Massage Therapist

Self-Employed, Contract

2015 — 2020

Assisted the healing process by providing therapeutic care to dozens of motor-vehicle accident patients and contributed to the well-being of over 150 patients over the course of 5 years. Evaluated body language during intake and treatment to identify pain response and quickly adapt technique and/or communication for a relaxed environment and positive experience. Documented each patient’s range of motion and symptoms per visit in order to track progress and maximize pain loss with a personalized treatment plan.

  • LMT #21436, OBMT
  • Reiki 2° Certification
  • Swedish, Relaxation, and Prenatal Massage

Web Developer & Graphic Designer

Freelance, Contract

2010 — 2014

Experienced in developing mobile-first responsive websites, blogs, and webstores from start to finish with vanilla HTML/CSS and/or Drupal as a Content Management System and e-commerce platform.

Created marketing and branding systems for small businesses by designing logos, business cards, vinyl banners, and apparel as well as managing social media accounts to increase awareness, brand recognition, and revenue.

Graphic designer and layout editor for multiple print publications in Montana and the United States, including The Montana Gardens and The Grotto Magazine.

  • Adobe Suite
  • Drupal CMS / e-Commerce


GradTracker App

CS 297PR Capstone

May 2021

A dual web app to be used by the faculty in the LCC CIT Department, co-op coordinators, program graduates, and prospective students to evaluate the success of the CIT programs by viewing aggregate survey data in a meaningful way. This includes measuring program effectiveness at both a high and granular level, comparing data for similar graduate peers, and seeing at a glance the success, satisfaction, and potential career path options available.

This included the system design and development of two web applications: an external marketing tool built in React.js with an API to extract data from MariaDB, and an internal staff tool to track graduates, retain sensitive data, and visually compare the effectiveness of programs within a department.

  • UI designed with Figma
  • HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React.js
  • ASP.NET, Entity Framework, Identity
  • C#, PL/SQL, MariaDB

Book of Spells & Illumination

CS 296N Web Development 2: ASP.NET

March 2021

A spellbook web application where users can submit spells within different categories based on intention and type of magic. The app randomly selects a placeholder image. All visitors to the app can choose to send messages to the admins, signup for newsletter emails, and search the spellbook to find an enchantment to make their desires come true!

  • UI designed with Figma
  • ASP.NET, Entity Framework, Identity, SQLite
  • Azure Cloud Services
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Manifest Brewery Tracking App

CS 234N Advanced Programming: C#

December 2020

Designed and developed the user interface of an internal employee and administration portal for a local brewery case study. The application is a single view and allows the user to manage ingredient suppliers asynchronously.

  • UI designed with Figma
  • HTML/CSS, JavaScript, AJAX
  • View on GitHub


codeORcreate “Best Overall” Hackathon Team Winner

Elevate by Connected Lane County

December 2020

Challenge: Digital Equity

Solution: Website to increase awareness & provide local resources

  • UI designed with Figma
  • HTML/CSS, JavaScript, JSON, Bootstrap
  • View on GitHub

Hack for a Cause Challenge Winner

Technology Association of Oregon

September 2020

Challenge: Adoptions Northwest, Inc.

Solution: Increase accessibility to mobile users & simplify paperwork process

  • Redesign website UI with Figma
  • Adapt paperwork to editable PDF
  • View on GitHub


The Little Help Book

Open Eugene

November 2020 — Present

Digital resource application for assisting underserved populations by White Bird Clinic, a non-profit organization located in Eugene, OR and widely known for its creation of CAHOOTS. The application would increase reliability and accessibility of referred services. Project currently on hold while restructuring for Agile development.

  • HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Handlebars.js, Python, Airtable
  • Next gen application to be developed in .NET with Blazor
  • View on GitHub


frankylee kelly

Software Engineer

Hello! I am a Fullstack Software Engineer committed to building products that improve the world in a positive and meaningful way. I have experience in frontend web technologies and UX/UI Design, but 2020 encouraged me to branch into backend and further develop my programming skills as I transition from front-end web developer to fullstack software engineer.

In my off time, I enjoy contributing to community-based projects via open source and hackathon events. I'm also a hobbyist photographer with an affinity for starscapes, landscapes, and nature. At home, you might find me tending to houseplants.

Please feel free to contact me directly via email or the social network of your choice. Thanks for visiting!


Send an email or connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and GitHub.

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